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Division 2A Fixtures
Dates Team vs. Team Winner
6/25/00 Camelot vs. Blazers Blazers
Sutphin vs. East Coast Sutphin
Everest vs. Outlaws Everest
Bel Air vs. Terminators Bel Air
7/09/00 Camelot vs. Sutphin Camelot
Blazers vs. East Coast East Coast
Everest vs. Terminators Everest
Bel Air vs. Outlaws Bel Air
7/16/00 Camelot vs. East Coast Camelot
Blazers vs. Sutphin Blazers
Everest vs. Bel Air Everest
Outlaws vs. Terminators Outlaws
7/23/00 Camelot vs. Everest Camelot
Blazers vs. Outlaws Outlaws
Bel Air vs. Sutphin Bel Air
Terminators vs. East Coast East Coast
7/30/00 Camelot vs. Outlaws Camelot
Blazers vs. Everest Everest
East Coast vs. Bel Air Bel Air
Sutphin vs. Terminators Terminators
8/06/00 Camelot vs. Bel Air Camelot
Blazers vs. Terminators Blazers
Everest vs. Sutphin Everest
Outlaws vs. East Coast Outlaws
8/13/00 Camelot vs. Terminators Camelot
Blazers vs. Bel Air Blazers
Everest vs. East Coast Everest
Sutphin vs. Outlaws Outlaws


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