Guyana's Logo

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The National Flag

The flag, known as "the Golden Arrowhead", has a green background with a red triangle outlined on two sides in black, extending from the left border to the center. Protruding from the red triangle is a golden arrowhead outlined in white. The courage and strength, represented in the color black, is that which is necessary to drive this golden arrow into a brilliant future.

Color Symbolizes
GREEN: Rich Forests and Agriculture
GOLD: Wealth of Mineral Resources Flag
WHITE: Many Waters
RED: People's Fiery Spirit or Energy
BLACK: Courage and Strength of People

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The Coat-Of-Arms

Guyana's coat of arms establishes the value the country places on its natural resources to spearhead its economic future. It is constructed with a white shield bordered on the sides by jaguars, an Indian headdress at the top, and the country's motto inscribed on a red and gold ribbon at the bottom. Coat of Arms

The shield is divided by three blue, wavy lines. At the bottom is the hoatzin, the national bird. At the top is the Victoria Regia water lily, the national flower. One of the jaguars holds a pickax, representing the valuable bauxite mining. The other holds a sugarcane stalk representing the importance of sugarcane farming. Representative of gemstone mining is the diamond found in the Indian headdress. Last, but not least, is the national motto on the ribbon, "ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, ONE DESTINY", a slogan meant to represent the unity of the various races and regions of the country.

The design was adapted by the Royal College of Arms in England from three Guyanese artists.